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Non-Surgical Nose Job services offered in Carefree, AZ

If you’re unhappy with the look of your nose but want to avoid plastic surgery, see the experts at Wistl Skin, an aesthetics med spa in Carefree, Arizona. Highly trained master aesthetician Andrea E. Hochstedt, LE, and board-certified plastic surgeon Victoria Amié, MD, offer nonsurgical nose jobs that perfect the appearance of your nose without incisions, invasive procedures, or downtime. Call the office to learn more or use the online booking feature today.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Q&A

What is a nonsurgical nose job?

A nonsurgical nose job, also referred to as a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic treatment in which your aesthetic specialist injects dermal fillers into certain areas of your nose to temporarily change its shape. Sometimes they use Botox® injections or other neuromodulators. 

The procedure offers dramatic aesthetic results without the hassle, risks, and recovery time associated with traditional surgical nose jobs.

Wistl Skin has a highly trained master aesthetician with over 20 years of experience on staff, along with a female board-certified plastic surgeon who completes nonsurgical nose jobs using advanced techniques.

What benefits does a nonsurgical nose job offer?

Though a nonsurgical nose job doesn’t reduce the size of your nose, it offers other benefits like:

  • Improved nose contours
  • Smoothed bumps or lumps
  • Modified nose characteristics
  • Improvements in volume 
  • Enhanced tip of your nose
  • Straighter appearance of a crooked nose

Nonsurgical nose jobs allow your plastic surgeon to make minor changes to bothersome nose imperfections. 

Is a nonsurgical nose job right for me?

Your Wistl Skin plastic surgeon examines your nose, reviews your medical history, and discusses your desired results before personalizing a cosmetic treatment plan. Nonsurgical nose jobs are best suited for making minor changes to your nose’s appearance. If you desire dramatic changes, a traditional surgical nose job may be a better fit.

What should I expect during the procedure?

Before a nonsurgical nose job, your specialist cleans your nose and surrounding skin and numbs the area to enhance comfort. 

They inject safe, FDA-approved dermal filler substances or neuromodulators underneath your skin to add volume or perfect nose contours. You often receive multiple injections during each treatment session, but the entire procedure often lasts less than one hour.

What happens after a nonsurgical nose job?

Temporary redness, swelling, and tenderness are common side effects after nonsurgical nose jobs, but you can resume your typical daily routine immediately afterward. Ice the treated areas as needed to reduce any swelling.

The final results of nonsurgical nose jobs often appear within a few days and last about six months, though individualized results vary from patient to patient. Repeat injections offer you long-lasting results. 

To improve the appearance of your nose without surgery, schedule a nonsurgical nose job consultation at Wistl Skin by phone or online today.